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Doctor Who World has been bringing you the latest news and information on the show since 1999. There are over 900 pages, these have been split into different sections to make it easy to find the information you need.  Click on a section to get you started

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Companions of the Doctor


Name: Qxeleq Appearance: Falls the Shadow Qxeleq was a student...

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Name: Hortensia Species: Human Afflicted With: MIAOW Appearance: Wildthyme at...

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Rachel McBride

Name: Rachel McBride Afflicted With: Project Eden Appearance: Lucifer Rising...

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Goth Opera

Goth Opera Peter Davison (The Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan Jovanka),...

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Name: Victoria Species: Human Appearance: Strange England Victoria was a...

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Name: Trina Species: Human Place of Origin: Earth Afflicted With:...

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Sarah Kemp

Name: Sarah Kemp Species: Human Children: Arthur Kemp Frances Kemp...

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Name: Alcestis Appearance: Fallen Gods Alcestis was a native of...

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Name: Repugna Place of Origin: Zanytown Appearance: The Crooked World...

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Name: Rovia Species: Human Place of Origin: Earth Affiliated With:...

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Name: Inquisa Species: Volsci Appearance: Paradoxicide Main Voice Actor: Raquel...

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Name: Charlotte Species: Human Place of Origin: Earth Appearance: Auton...

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Name: Janet Species: Human Place of Origin: Earth Appearance: Cat’s...

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Name: Emma Species: Human Place of Origin: Earth Appearance: Island...

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Name: Enil Appearance: The Lost Museum Main Voice Actor: Claire...

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Shiznay Uhma

Name: Shiznay Uhma Species: Human Place of Origin: Earth Appearance:...

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Sabel Blakely

Name: Sabel Blakely Species: Human Place of Origin: Carthedia Mother:...

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