The Evil of the Daleks


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The Evil of the Daleks

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First Transmitted

20 May 1967

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Regular Cast

Patrick Troughton (Dr Who), Frazer Hines (Jamie)

Guest Cast

Alec Ross (Bob Hall) [1], Griffith Davies (Kennedy) [1-2], John Bailey (Edward Waterfield), Geoffrey Colville (Perry) [1-2], Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield) [2-7], Robert Jewell, Gerald Taylor [3-7], John Scott Martin [5-7], Murphy Grumbar [6-7], Ken Tyllsen [7] (Daleks), Roy Skelton [1, 6-7]*, Peter Hawkins [2-7] (Dalek Voices), Jo Rowbottom (Mollie Dawson) [2-5], Marius Goring (Theodore Maxtible) [2-7], Brigit Forsyth (Ruth Maxtible) [2-5], Gary Watson (Arthur Terrall) [3-7], Windsor Davies (Toby) [2-4], Sonny Caldinez (Kemel) [3-7]


Written by David Whittaker
Directed by Derek Martinus
Produced by Innes Lloyd


The Doctor and Jamie are stranded in 1966 London when the TARDIS is stolen, driven away in the back of a lorry. The Doctor uses his keen sense for clues and deduction to track the TARDIS back to a very unusual antique shoppe owned by the even more unusual and mysterious Edward Waterfield. As it transpires Mr. Waterfield and Victorian scientist Theodore Maxtible have devised a method of time travel with the help of some rather sinister associates – the Daleks. The Daleks have taken Edward Waterfield’s daughter, Victoria, hostage. Using her life as a bargaining piece the Daleks force the terrified men to serve them and assist in capturing The Doctor. When this is accomplished the Daleks soon force The Doctor into their service by threatening to destroy the TARDIS if he does not aide them by experimenting on Jamie.


  • This story was the first to be repeated in its entireity, the repeat started the week after the end of The Wheel in Space and was given an extra linking scene explaining that The Doctor was showing his new companion, Zoe, one of his past adventures to warn her of the dangers of travelling with him.
  • Episodes 1 and 3-7 are missing but audio recordings and telesnaps exist.
  • The soundtrack has been released as part of the BBC Radio Collection.
  • Episode 2 released on Daleks: The Early Years video. It has also been released on DVD as part of the Lost in Time collection.
  • A short clip from Episode 7 is known to exist.
  • Novelised as Doctor Who – The Evil of the Daleks by John Peel.
  • A photonovel of the story is available on the BBC Doctor Who website.
  • The scripts of the missing episodes are available on the Scripts Project page.
  • A fan-produced photovideo reconstruction of the missing episodes has been made by Joint Venture.
  • Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Issue #200.
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