Venusian Lullaby

Venusian Lullaby
Venusian Lullaby

“You want me to help you eat your children?”Ian said.

Jellenhut’s eye-stalks twitched.“How else would we remember them?”

Venus is dying. When The Doctor, Barbara and Ian arrive they find an ancient and utterly alien civilisation on the verge of oblivion. War is brewing between those who are determined to accept death, and those desperate for salvation whatever the cost.

Then a spacefaring race arrives, offering to rescue the Venusians by moving them all to Earth – three billion years before mankind is due to evolve. Are the newcomers’ motives as pure as they appear? And will The Doctor allow them to save his oldest friends by sacrificing the future of humanity?


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  • Venusian Lullaby was the third novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It was written by Paul Leonard. Featuring the First Doctor, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright
  • Ian knows of a Venusian lullaby.
  • There were various factions, known as anti-Acceptancers, who tried to find alternatives to their civilisation’s fate. These included the Below the Sun Believers, the Rocketeers, the Water-breathers, the Volcano People, the Magnetologists and the Cave-makers.
  • Susan Foreman’s departure from the TARDIS weighs heavily on The Doctor’s mind. (The Dalek Invasion of Earth)
  • A Venusian lullaby was later mentioned by the Third Doctor at Devil’s End, the beginning of which went”Close your eyes, my darling, or three of them at least.” (The Dæmons)
  • Ian compares Bikugih to Morphoton. (The Keys of Marinus)
  • The Doctor asks Pown(ow)ri whether the Sou(ou)shi are related to the Great Vampires. (State of Decay)

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