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Full Circle

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25 October 1980

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Full Circle
Full Circle
Full Circle
Full Circle
Full Circle
Full Circle
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Full Circle
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Full Circle
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Regular Cast

Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Lalla Ward (Romana), John Leeson (K9), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric)

Guest Cast

George Baker (Login), Leonard Maguire (Draith) [1], James Bree (Nefred), Alan Rowe (Garif), Tony Calvin (Dexeter) [1-3], Richard Willis (Varsh), Benard Padden (Tylos), June Page (Keara), Andrew Forbes (Omril) [1-3], Adrian Gibbs (Rysik) [1], Barney Lawrence (Marshman) [2-4]*, Norman Bacon (Marshchild) [2-3]


Written by Andrew Smith
Directed by Peter Grimwade
Produced by John Nathan Turner


The Doctor discovers the TARDIS has fallen into E-Space, an alternate universe, and landed on the planet Alzarius. The Doctor and Romana find its only inhabitants are living on a vast, crashed spaceship they have been repairing for generations to return to their home planet, Terradon.

But Mistfall, a mythical time of terror, is coming again to Alzarius, and an eerie menace is rising out of the misty marshes. But why have huge poisonous spiders begun to appear in the Alzarian food supply? And what is the secret of the strange marshmen? The Doctor and Romana must solves these riddles and more if they are to have any chance of returning to their own universe.


  1. This is the first part in the E-Space Trilogy, which follows with State of Decay and concludes in Warriors’ Gate.
  2. The story has a working title of The Planet that Slept.
  3. Adric’s name was suggested by script editor Christopher H Bidmead as an anagram of that of eminent physicist P A M Dirac (who in 1930 was the first to predict the existence of antimatter).
  4. Alan Rowe makes his final Doctor Who appearance, as Garif. He had previously appeared as Doctor Evans and the voice of Space Control in The Moonbase, Edward of Wessex The Time Warrior and as Skinsale in Horror of Fang Rock.
  5. Romana is summoned to Gallifrey because she was supposed to help the Doctor only with the quest for the Key to Time. (The Ribos Operation)
  6. Romana has a chess set in her room.
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