The Tomb of the Cybermen

Tomb of the Cybermen
The Tomb of the Cybermen

Aided by his two assistants Jamie and Victoria, The Doctor lands the TARDIS on Telos, last resting place of the infamous Cybermen. There he discovers a band of archaeologists on a secret expedition to unearth the reason for his old enemies’ extinction.

In the underground shadowy depths, they find the icy tomb. A whole army in hibernation. A threat to no one, if the temperature remains low. But if the traitor in their midst gets his way, things could really hot up…

Originally broadcast in 1967 and then lost, this unique four part adventure starring Patrick Troughton – The Doctor’s second incarnation – was only recently rediscovered. It is now available for the first time on this special BBC Video which includes an exclusive interview with director Morris Barry.

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  • Tomb of the Cybermen was the first episode of Patrick Troughtons second series and beginning of season five
  • Martin Johnson’s set designs are truly excellent, and include some striking bas-relief Cyberman images on the walls of the tomb complex.Producer Peter Bryant’s then wife Shirley Cooklin appears in the role of Kaftan, which was written specially for her.
  • Klieg mentions ‘Whitehead logic’ in the first episode – probably referring to Alfred North Whitehead, co-authorof ‘Principia Mathematica’ and one of the fathers of mathematical and computer logic, and maybe a bit of a nod to the actor Reg Whitehead, who had played a Cyberman in all their stories to date.
  • There is a wonderfully moving scene in which The Doctor comforts a frightened Victoria and tries to help her to come to terms with the death of her father by telling her that he can recall his own family, but only when he chooses to

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