Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest
Survival of the Fittest

Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Tracey Childs (Dr Elizabeth Klein), Rupert Wickham (Faber), Adrian Bower (Steffen), Hannah Smith (Rose), Evie Dawnay (Lilly), Mark Donovan (Jackson), Alex Mallinson (The Carredition), Paul McGann (Johann Schmidt)


The hive of the Vrill bears the scars of a terrifying cataclysm. Only a handful remain alive, hatched after the holocaust of the mysterious Winterlack. The Vrill seek a new Authority. They find The Doctor, a two-legged creature who can lead them to survival. He must solve the mystery of the Carredition beast that haunts the lower chambers. He must face the Winterlack that still stalk the mountains. And he must find a path that does not lead to extinction.

Plus: Klein’s Story

Elizabeth Klein is an anomaly. A renegade from an alternate future in which the Nazis won World War II. In an attempt to get to know his latest companion, The Doctor invites Klein to tell him how exactly she came to be in possession of his TARDIS and of the events that led to her trip into the past to Colditz Cast



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  • Survival of the Fittest was the one hundred and thirty-first monthly Doctor Who audio release produced by Big Finish Productions.
  • Through the TARDIS’ telepathic circuits, Klein hears The Doctor speaking German in”a stuffy Prussian accent.”
  • The TARDIS’ telepathic circuits can translate scent used by the Vrill into speech that can be understood by The Doctor and the humans.
  • The Doctor and Klein have recently visited the mercury swamps of Vulcan. (The Power of the Daleks)
  • The Doctor and Klein previously visited the crystal plains of Mandroxya, the Folly Ocean of Quindrax IV and the mercury swamps on Vulcan.

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