Infinite Requiem

Infinite Requiem
Infinite Requiem


“The whole structure of the cosmos could be at stake – and the focus of the danger is here on Earth, ” Bernice sighed. “Charity begins at home.”

Kelzen, a chaotic force in the mind of an unborn twentieth-centuryearthling. Jirenal, intent on conquering a future society of dreamers and telepaths. Shanstra, evil incarnate – the conflicts on Gadrell Major are her sport and the tragedies of humans are her entertainment.

They are Sensopaths, their minds attuned to the collective unconscious, their power unleashed like a wild animal into the physical world. One by one, the TARDIS has located them. While Bernice faces the life-and-death struggle of a colonial war, with only a hologram of the Doctor to help her, The Doctor himself must confront the all-powerful trinity.


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  • Infinite Requiem is the thirty-sixth New Adventures novel.
  • The Doctor gives Bernice a pyramid that projects a somewhat interactive version of himself.
  • The Time-Space Visualiser has kept a record of all The Doctor’s adventures since its installation and was constructed by The Doctor in The Chase.
  • The Doctor created a hologram which may have been interactive in The Parting of the Ways, similar to the hologram in this story.
  • The Doctor is afraid of dying alone and has been since Susan left.
  • Ace left in the previous novel
  • It’s been six years since Darius met The Doctor and Bernice

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