Dinosaurs on a Spaceship






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The Eleventh Doctor’s gang

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First Seen In:

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Other Appearances:

A History of Humankind

Main Actor:

Riann Steele


Nefertiti was Queen of Egypt in the year 1334 BC and the wife of King Amenhotep.


After the Eleventh Doctor rescued her people from a swarm of giant alien locusts, she grew extremely lustful for him. When The Doctor learned about news of a Silurian Ark in the future containing dinosaurs on its way towards Earth, she followed him into the TARDIS. Whilst on the ship, she quickly clashed with John Riddell balking at his chauvinism, as she was used to being obeyed by everyone she met. However as the adventure continued, she found his adventurous spirit attractive, in comparison to her husband, whom she found dull.

When Solomon discovered Nefertiti’s presence on the ship, he offered to allow The Doctor and his friends safe passage if they turned herover to him. Although The Doctor refused, Nefertiti willingly turned herself over to spare the others’ lives. To her revulsion, Solomon quickly demonstrated to her that he saw her as a possession to be bartered and not as a person.

Upon the adventure’s conclusion, she remained with Riddell in the 20th century African wilderness. (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)


As the queen of Egypt, Nefertiti was used to being obeyed and this caused her to clash with John Riddell, although during the adventure she became attracted to him. When The Doctor visited her in Egypt she grew lustful, partially because she found him attractive and partially because she was grateful to him for saving her people. Nefertiti disliked disrespectful behaviour, threatening Riddell when he flirted with her by warning him that if they were in ancient Egypt he would be executed. Despite this, she was happy to allow The Doctor to nickname her “Nefi”, and eventually became comfortable with Riddell, ultimately deciding to stay with him. The Time Lord noted that it was not a good idea to mess with the queen of Egypt. Despite being a queen, Nefertiti decided to stay inearly 20th-century Africa with Riddell, suggesting she was slightly irresponsible since she had abandoned her people in ancient Egypt.

When she first met Amy, who said she was a big fan, she asked if she was also a queen.

Nefertiti also proved very strong when she pinned Solomon down with his own weapons. (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)


In real ancient Egyptian history, Nefertiti disappeared without a trace from all records around 1330 BC.

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