Human Nature

Human Nature
Human Nature



“Who’s going to save us this time?”
April, 1914. The inhabitants of the little Norfolk town of Farringham are enjoying anearly summer, unaware that war is on the way. Amongst them is Dr John Smith, a short, middle-aged history teacher from Aberdeen. He’s having a hard time with his new post as house master at Hulton Academy for Boys, a school dedicated to producing military officers.

Bernice Summerfield is enjoying her holiday in the town, getting over the terrible events that befell her in France. But then she meets a future Doctor, and things start to get dangerous very quickly. With The Doctor she knows gone, and only a suffragette and an elderly rake for company, can Benny fight off a vicious alien attack? And will Dr Smith be able to save the day?


Listen to a sample:


  • Audio reading of the novel by Paul Cornell
  • Human Nature was also adapted for with David Tennant and Freema Ageman


  • Prologue

  • Don’t Forget To Catch Me
  • Maius Intra Qua Extra
  • Boudiccan Destruction Layer
  • Good and Bad at Games
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • A Deal With God
  • Friends and Other Lovers
  • Everything Changes
  • The Fine Purple, the Purest Gold, the Red of the Sacred Heart, the Grey of a Ghost
  • What’s Biggeron the Inside than on the Outside?
  • Castling
  • Knock Knock
  • Let Me Tell You Something That’s True
  • Cat Heaven

  • Epilogue

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