Place of Origin:

The GalSec colony


“Death to the Daleks!”
Project Infinity
Dalek War: Chapter One
Dalek War: Chapter Two
Dalek War: Chapter Three

Main Voice Actor:

Teresa Gallagher


Mirana was a sophisticated Roboman who was linked directly to the Dalek Emperor’s mind. She was unaware of the linkage and when told of the implant, she was confused. The implant itself was deemed impossible to remove without killing the subject, but it could be disabled. Mirana’s implant was disabled surgically, though she could still receive transmissions from the Dalek command net. The remnants of the Earth Alliance used her to track a small battalion of Daleks on Lopra Minor. (Project Infinity) She had given command of the Earth Alliance scout ship the Defiant. (Dalek War: Chapter One, Dalek War: Chapter Two, Dalek War: Chapter Three)

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