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Meglos DVD
Meglos DVD


Number of DVDs 1
DVD Number BBCDVD2852
Certification U
Duration 87 minutes


Zastor, Leader of the planet Tigella, rules a divided people. Savants and Deons are irrevocably opposed on one crucial issue – the Dodecahedron, mysterious source of all their power. To the Savants the Dodecahedron is a miracle of science to be studied, observed and used to benefit Tigellan civilisation. To the Deons it is a god and not to be tampered with

When the power supply begins to fluctuate wildly the whole planet is threatened, but the Tigellans cannot agree how they should deal with the problem.

Zastor welcomes the arrival of the Doctor and invites him to arbitrate, but the Deons are suspicious of the Time Lord – and perhaps rightly so

Episode entry

Special Features

  • Commentary by Lalla Ward (Romana), Christopher Owen (the “Earthling”), John Flanagan (one of the writers), and both music composers Paddy Kingsland and Peter Howell.
  • ‘Meglos Men’, a feature on the writers John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch, with script editor Christopher H. Bidmead.
  • ‘The Scene Sync Story’ looks At The pioneering camera technology used in the story.
  • Jacqueline Hill – A Life in Pictures celebrates the life and career of the actress
  • Entropy Explained, a short documentary by Dr Phillip Trowga.

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