The Mark of the Rani VHS

The Mark of the Rani VHS
The Mark of the Rani VHS


The TARDIS is drawn off course and materialises close to the Killingworth coal pits in the north of England during the early nineteenth century. The Luddite rebellion is in full swing as workers fight to prevent their jobs being taken by machines.

The Doctor and Peri quickly learn that they are not the only time travellers in the area – The Doctor’s old adversary, The Master, is attempting to disrupt a meeting between some of Britain’s foremost scholars and scientists, including George Stephenson and Michael Faraday. The violence among the miners is in part caused by the interference of another renegade Time Lord, the Rani, who is extracting chemicals from their brains to serve her own nefarious purposes.

The Doctor must avoid the vicious attacks of the mortals, halt The Rani’s immoral experiments and thwart The Master’s plot to hijack the industrial revolution…

Originally transmitted 2nd – 9th February 1985.

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