Corpse Marker

Corpse Marker
Corpse Marker
Corpse Marker

Long ago and far away, The Doctor and Leela faced the Robots of Death…

To a society dependent on robots, the news that these benign, tireless, obedient labourers could be turned into killers would cause panic. So it was kept a secret. In Kaldor City, only the three survivors of the Sandminer massacre know the truth. But now, several years later, they are beginning to show signs of mental breakdown. And once again, the robots are being programmed to kill. Can the dead genius Taren Capel possibly be involved in this new outrage?

Worst of all, this time the deadly robots are not confined to a Sandminer. This time they are loose in Kaldor City. And this time, unless The Doctor and Leela can stop them, they really will destroy the world.


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  • Corpse Marker was the twenty-seventh BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It was written by Chris Boucher. Featuring the Fourth Doctor and Leela, this novel was a sequel to the 1977 television story The Robots of Death.
  • The third edition of Mad Norwegian Press’ reference work AHistory gives a year of 2887 for the events of this story.
  • Despite the story indicating that Leela is wearing the same outfit as The Robots of Death the cover has her wearing the outfit that debuted in Image of the Fendahl. Also the picture used of the Voc robot has felt attached to its eyes, used only in the series to key in a red video effect over the eyes.
  • The back cover states the story takes after Last Man Running and before The Talons of Weng Chiang.
  • This is also a crossover with Blake’s 7. Carnell is a supporting character in the novel, which is set two years after his appearance in the Blake’s 7 episode”Weapon”.

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