The Kings Demons and the Five Doctors Special Edition

The Kings Demons and the Five Doctors Special Edition
The Kings Demons and the Five Doctors Special Edition


Two Doctor Who stories in one special box set.

The Five Doctors:

Someone is taking The Doctor’s past selves out of time and space, placing them in a vast wilderness – a battle arena with a sinister tower at its centre. As the variousincarnations of the Doctorjoin forces, they learn they are in the Death Zone on their home world of Gallifrey, fighting Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti… and a devious Time Lord traitor who is using The Doctor and his companions to discover the ancient secrets of Rassilon, the first and most powerful rulerof Gallifrey.

The Five Doctors was originally broadcast to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Doctor Who in 1983. This new version of the story features extended scenes, previously unseen sequences, new visual effects and a stereo soundtrack. Originally transmitted 25th November 1983.

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The King’s Demons:

It is 13th Century England and King John is visiting the castle stronghold of Sir Ranulf Fitzwilliam. Ranulf’s personal fortune has dwindled away, freely donated to King John to help fund the Crusade.

When the TARDIS materialises and disturbs a jousting duel, The Doctor’s party are proclaimed friendly demons by the King, who seems strangely interested in their ‘blue engine’. Before long The Doctor becomes embroiled in court politics, and he realises that there is far more to the situation than a simple battle of honour between nobles.

Ranulf’s cousin, Sir Geoffrey de Lacey, arrives at the castle and is astonished to find the King present. He has just left His Majesty in London preparing to sign Magna Carta, a document that will shape the future of democracy in the western world. The Doctor learns that neither the King nor Sir Giles Estram are exactly who they claim, and that their true identities invlove a battle-ravaged alien planet light-years away, and one of the Doctor’s oldest and deadliest enemies…

Originally transmitted 15th – 16th March 1983.

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The Five Doctors was the 20th anniversary special

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The Kings Demons introduced Kamelion – this was his only story till Planet of Fire

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