The Vanquishers








Affiliated With:

The Division

First Seen In:

The Halloween Apocalypse


War of the Sontarans
Once, Upon, Time
Survivors of the Flux
The Vanquishers

Main TV Actor:

Craige Els


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Karvanista was a Lupari officer and the only surviving member of the Division following the destruction of Gallifrey at the hands of the Spy Master. The Thirteenth Doctor sought him out in her search of information about her past. He was genetically bonded and bound to save Dan Lewis when the Flux came to Earth. (The Halloween Apocalypse)

, he worked closely with the Fugitive Doctor. He was by her side, in a team of four, for the Siege of Atropos. (Once, Upon Time)

Karvanista worked for the Division. At one point he was sent to capture the Ravagers, Swarm and Azure, at the Temple of Atropos alongside the Fugitive Doctor. (Once, Upon Time)

Karvanista claimed to have vanquished the Thousand Civilisations.

The Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz tried to track down Karvanista for information on the Division, albeit unknowingly in Yaz’s case as The Doctor would not tell her the reason why. After much annoyance, Karvanista trapped the two hanging by a gravity barover an ocean of acid, though they managed to escape.

As every Lupar was tasked to save a human from the Flux on Halloween 2021, Karvanista left with his fleet to rescue his designated human, Dan Lewis. A wave of temporal energy caused his ship to arrive a few hours before the rest of the fleet. Karvanista broke into Dan’s house and kidnapped him without any explanation. He placed him in an electrified holding cell on his ship and departed into space.

After Karvanista left in his ship with Dan, The Doctor and Yaz traced his ship to Dan’s house. They escaped his booby traps, but The Doctor was still able to gather enough information using her sonic screwdriver to trace Karvanista’s ship in space, as well as uncover seven billion other Lupari ships heading towards Earth.

Thinking this was an invasion, The Doctor materialised the TARDIS on Karvanista’s ship to confront him. She deactivated the ship’s power while Yaz freed Dan. The Doctor told him she was there to ask about the Division, but first she needed to know why the Lupari were invading Earth. After noticing a signal that still reached his ship, Karvanista, frustrated, explained the Lupari were bonded to humans and they were arriving to rescue them from the Flux. Before The Doctor could inquire further, the power to Karvanista’s ship and weapon was restored, and, alongside Yaz and Dan, had to escape while Karvanista chased and fired at them.

The Doctor, Yaz and Dan escaped in the TARDIS, but after experiencing a vision of Swarm, The Doctorobserved the Flux approaching from her TARDIS and told Karvanista to instruct the Lupari fleet to create a barrier around the Earth, protecting it. (The Halloween Apocalypse)

Despite the Lupari shield, a Sontaran fleet managed to sneak through at the last second, which the rest of the Lupari blamed Karvanista for. Dan snuck onto one of the Sontaran Time Carriers in Liverpool, but was caught by Sontaran troopers. Right as they were about to execute him, Karvanista returned and saved Dan. Karvanista set the ship to ram the other Time Carriers, causing them to disappear in a time implosion. He and Dan escaped through a waste vent. When The Doctor returned from the other Sontaran fleet in the Crimean War, she took Dan to find Yaz and tasked Karvanista and the Lupari with looking out for the Earth while she was gone. (War of the Sontarans)

When Bel’s ship arrived, Karvanista was angry to discover that she was not a Lupar. He boarded the ship and tried to capture or kill her, but was interrupted by the arrival of a Sontaran invasion fleet, which attacked the shield with the intention to “destroy all Lupari”. (Survivors of the Flux)

Karvanista, Bel and the Doctor and drove the ship at a Sontaran ship based in Chile. However, the ship had a forcefield and captured Karvanista and the Doctor. Whilst in their holding cell, The Doctor remembered Karvanista being her companion. Karvanista told The Doctor that the Division had put an implant in him that would inject poison into his brain if he spoke of their time together. The Grand Serpent then arrived with the Sontarans to take The Doctor away to interrogate her. Karvanista was shocked and angered to discover that the Sontarans had killed the other Lupari, leaving him as the last of his kind. Karvanista was later freed from the cell by Dan. Karvanista later avenged his people’s deaths by allowing the Sontaran ships to be consumed by the Flux. Karvanista, Vinder and Bel became a team and bid farewell to The Doctor, Yaz and Dan. (The Vanquishers)

Karvanista worked for the Division and was the companion of the Fugitive Doctor, who also worked for the Division. (The Vanquishers)

At one point he was sent to capture the Ravagers, Swarm and Azure, at the Temple of Atropos alongside the Fugitive Doctor and two others. (Once, Upon Time)

According to Karvanista, The Doctor eventually abandoned him. The Division installed a device in his brain which would kill him in three seconds if he tried to reveal anything about his past with them. (The Vanquishers)


Karvanista was gruff and found humans, especially Dan, to be annoying. He found it insulting to his species to be compared to a dog, and became angry when Dan mentioned his mother. (The Halloween Apocalypse)


Karvanista’s name may be a reference to the Finnish word “karva”, meaning fur.

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