Joseph Williamson

The Vanquishers



Joseph Williamson



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First Seen In:

The Halloween Apocalypse


War of the Sontarans
Once, Upon, Time
Survivors of the Flux
The Vanquishers

Main TV actor:

Steve Oram


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Joseph Williamson was a philanthropist inearly-19th century Liverpool.

In 1820, he funded and supervised the digging of tunnels whose purpose was unclear to his contemporaries, although they did provide employment to the poor. He seemed to have some inkling of a great upcoming cataclysm which would somehow justify the tunnels, although he only spoke of it cryptically and evasively.

In the 21st century, these tunnels were called Williamson Tunnels in his name. (The Halloween Apocalypse)

He found himself on the planet Time, where he briefly met Yasmin Khan. (War of the Sontarans)

Whilst in the midst of a time storm after taking the place of a broken Mouri in the Temple of Atropos, Dan Lewis found himself with Williamson in a tunnel. Williamson was using an alien weapon to shoot at an unseen assailant and helped Dan evade particles of the Time Force. (Once, Upon Time)

Afteronce again going through one of the doors, Williamson found himself on an ocean liner in 1904. He once again encountered Yasmin and Dan along with Eustacius Jericho. He complained about the “shifting doorways” and stormed out, disappearing back to 1904 Liverpool. Yasmin and the others tracked him down and told him that the Earth would soon be under attack. Williamson showed them the chamber containing the doorways, warning Jericho not to touch Doorway Nine as it contained “endless death”. The fourof them were then interrupted by a banging on one of the doors, heralding an attack by the Sontarans, (Survivors of the Flux) which was repelled via the “rays of death” behind Doorway Nine.

When more Sontarans arrived, Williamson and the others escaped through the door leading to 2021, when the Sontarans had taken over the planet. The Thirteenth Doctor later congratulated him on his work before he returned to his time, knowing his work was appreciated in the future. (The Vanquishers)


In the 21st century, his tunnels still existed and were called the Williamson Tunnels in his name. (The Halloween Apocalypse)

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