Jo Nakashima

The Sontaran Stratagem



Jo Nakashima



Place of Origin:



The Sontaran Stratagem

Main Actor:

Eleanor Matsuura


Johanna “Jo” Nakashima (The Secret Lives of Monsters) was a freelance journalist. She investigated ATMOS and infiltrated the Rattigan Academy. She was discovered and was thrown out of the academy. While driving back to London, she tried to get in touch with UNIT, but could only reach an answering machine. Her car stopped at the river saying, “This is your final destination.” Annoyed, she first attempted to correct it, and have it take her to UNIT, but it only told her to go straight on. Irritated, she attempted to leave without the system.

Suddenly, the ATMOS took control of the car and began to roll into the river. It locked the doors, trapping her, and kept on moving. Jo desperately attempted to stop the car, to no avail. Jo let out a scream as it drove into the river, where it sank with her inside. (The Sontaran Stratagem)

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