Paul McGann (the Doctor), Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller), Nigel Planer (Alex Marlowe), Lysette Anthony (Hazel Bright), Adna Sablyich (Christina Ondrak), Stuart Crossman (Stefan Radek), Barnaby Edwards (Newsreader)


Somewhere in the south of England stands the Hothouse. Five vast, state-of-the-art biodomes, all steel and glass. Inside, rock star turned environmental activist Alex Marlow has a plan to save the world from climate change. By any means necessary.

There’s something growing inside the Hothouse. Something that could turn back humanity’s tide. A voracious alien vegetable called the Krynoid. The Doctor’s going to have to stop it. Stop Marlow. Stop Marlow’s fanatical acolyte, Lucie Miller

Save the world. By any means necessary.


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  • Hothouse was the second release of the third series of Big Finish Productions’ The New Eighth Doctor Adventures audio stories
  • The space-time telegraph was first referred to in Revenge Of The Cybermen and was briefly seen in Terror Of The Zygons.
  • The Doctor is still recovering from the six hundred years he spent on Orbis. (Orbis)

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