Lucie Miller

Lucie Miller



Lucie Miller



Place of Origin:


Main Aliases:

Miss Palmer-Tompkinson
Lucie Vauxhall-Nova
Brother Lucianus

First Seen In:

Blood of the Daleks

Last Appearance:

To the Death

Main Voice Actor:

Sheridan Smith


Lucie Miller was a companion of the Eighth Doctor. Lucie briefly left The Doctor and travelled with The Monk before his actions drove her away and she resumed her travels with The Doctor.

Lucie was born in Blackpool on 31 July 1988. (Brave New Town) Her mother was Mary Miller (née Ryder). (Blood of the Daleks, Horrorof Glam Rock) She was descended from Freddie Miller. (All the Fun of the Fair)

In 1992, an incident at a children’s party left her with a lifelong distaste for jelly. (Orbis)

After watching Peter Pan as a child, Lucie maintained an extreme fear of crocodiles. (The Skull of Sobek)

She once had a boyfriend who was into danger sports. She left him as she disliked this hobby. (Dead London)

At Christmas, Lucie’s father would argue with her uncle about who was the best actor to play James Bond. (Death in Blackpool)


Lucie was at first an unwilling passenger in The Doctor’s TARDIS. She told The Doctor that the Time Lords had placed her in his care because she had seen something important; she just didn’t know what. The Doctor described this as a “witness protection programme”. Her initial attitude towards The Doctor was disdainful, but she recognised he was “about saving worlds”. The Doctor was unable to return Lucie to her home time of northern England in 2006 because of “something” getting in the way of the TARDIS reaching that time period, and was instead bounced off course to Red Rocket Rising in the future. (Blood of the Daleks)


After an argument with The Doctor, Lucie decided to leave Red Rocket Rising as a refugee by boarding a Dalek command ship “to get as far away from [The Doctor] as [she] could”, refusing to listen to Tom Cardwell’s warnings about The Daleks. After The Daleks discovered Lucie’s association with The Doctor, they took her to find him and then imprisoned her and the Doctoron board the ship. Lucie escaped after explosives Tom Cardwell had set up caused the ship’s power source to fail, preventing a neutronic explosion. Lucie became caught in a war between humans, Daleks and Professor Martez’ “mutant Daleks”. After both factions of Daleks wiped each otherout, Lucie went to a street party to celebrate. Eventually, she got bored, and with a week until anyone would arrive, went to see if the TARDIS had left yet. It had not; The Doctor had tried to leave repeatedly but kept being brought back to Red Rocket Rising. The Doctor realised that because of the witness protection, The Doctor and Lucie were stuck with each other. (Blood of the Daleks)

Lucie unexpectedly ran into her “Auntie Pat “, Patricia Ryder, the drummerof a band called Methylated Spirits, in 1974. As this was over a decade before Lucie was born, Pat was sceptical but grew to like her. (Horrorof Glam Rock)

Lucie and the Doctor travelled to an unidentified planet where humans from the future were posing themselves as Ancient Greek gods and had been cloning themselves for a thousand years. (Immortal Beloved)

On the Mars moon, Phobos, Lucie and the Doctor defeated an entity that fed on the fear people experienced. (Phobos)

After some time with The Doctor, the truth about Lucie’s “witness protection” was revealed: the Time Lords learned that the Celestial Intervention Agency had been tracking a woman who would become a dictator in Europe, and wished to alter her past to prevent this. When Lucie applied for a job which was part of another CIA plot, the primary faction of Time Lords placed her with The Doctor to protect her from the effects of multiple exposure to CIA plots. A woman named Karen Coltraine, who had been interviewed on the same day as Lucie, was the actual future dictator. The Time Lords had either been tricked by the CIA or had made a mistake. (Human Resources)

Lucie and the Doctor encountered a town populated by Autons who saw themselves as human. They helped to bury the Nestene Consciousness signals in order to allow the Auton inhabitants to live their lives in peace. (Brave New Town)

Lucie was possessed by an old crocodile spirit in the world of Sobek. (The Skull of Sobek)

Lucie and the Doctor bumped into Karen and the Headhunter in 19th century Sweden, and stopped their plan to destroy a pocket universe. (Grand theft Cosmos)

Lucie met her Auntie Pat again, this time in 1984. Pat was running a hotel in the Lake District with her husband, Trevor. This confused Lucie as she knew nothing of Trevor. He was, in fact, a rehabilitated Zygon, pursued by his former colleagues, who kidnapped Lucie and created a copy of her. These Zygons killed Pat but were defeated by Trevor and the Doctor. The Doctor told Lucie of Pat’s death and the Web of Time, reasoning how Pat could die but Lucie could still have met her. Unknown to Lucie, The Doctor found Trevor, who had survived the explosion that defeated the Zygons. Trevor shifted his shape into that of Pat, vowing to remain as her and live her life for her. The Doctor promised not to tell Lucie that the Auntie Pat she knew was never really her. (The Zygon Who Fell to Earth)

After defeating the resurrected Morbius on Karn, The Doctor fell from a balcony on Morbius’ palace. Lucie found no sign of him and assumed him dead. The Time Lords returned Lucie to Blackpool. Sometime later Lucie was confronted at her home in the middle of the night by an armed Headhunter. (The Vengeance of Morbius) The Headhunter abducted Lucie with a time bullet and took her to the planet Orbis in The Doctor’s TARDIS. Shortly after defeating the Headhunter, Lucie resumed her travels with The Doctor in the TARDIS. (Orbis)

On their first trip after leaving Orbis, they landed on Earth and Lucie joined the League of Nature in order to find out what Alex Marlowe was planning. She discovered that he was genetically engineering Krynoids to make a better breed of crops and plant. She was appalled by his actions when Hazel Bright was mutated into a Krynoid. (Hothouse) She then travelled to 19th century where she met with Hans Tod and helped him rescue Teufel not know he was planning to kidnap Hans and Greta Tod to use as weapons in a war. (The Beast of Orlok)

She later fell out of a spaceship when it was attacked by the Wirrn, when her emergency jetpack ran out of fuel. When she was rescued and brought to a planet, she found that a Wirrn had infected Farroll in order to stop the attack the Wirrn was doing against the GalSec colonists. (Wirrn Dawn)

The Doctor aimed to take her to the Moulin Rouge in 1899 but instead got dragged off course to Vichy France during the Second World War. When she was abducted by the Baroques she was forced to act on stage, to see one of the deaths of the Max Paul. It was later revealed to Lucie that he didn’t die due to him being reanimated every time he died. (The Scapegoat)

The Doctor and Lucie then landed on a floating city in space. There she encountered a race of robots, some of which wanted to kill her. She helped the assembler robots to try and find the reset switch to stop the cannibalist robots. (The Cannibalists)

She visited 2015 England where she met Karen Coltraine again, who had apparently just been fired by the Headhunter and who told Lucie about the Eightfold Truth. They brainwashed her into thinking that The Doctor was manipulating her. The Queen of the Eight Legs climbed onto Lucie’s back whilst she was brainwashed. (The Eight Truths) The Queen’s control of Lucie started to weaken due to Lucie’s will. She discovered that the stellar manipulator was keyed to her DNA and it was the Queen’s plan to have it follow the TARDIS to Earth. When the Queen started her plan she moved Lucie’s mind to the stellar manipulator which she used to create a vision of heaven. The Doctor managed to capture Lucie’s mind via the TARDIS and implanted it back in her body. When this happened the Queen lost control, and Lucie was able to stop her plan. (Worldwide Web)


Lucie asked The Doctor to take her home to spend Christmas in Blackpool in 2009, however he accidentally took her to 2008. She found out the truth about her Auntie Pat being a Zygon. Learning that The Doctor had purposefully deceived her made Lucie decline The Doctor’s offer to continue travelling with him. (Death in Blackpool)


Lucie later travelled with The Monk after responding to an advert he placed in 2010 for a companion. (Situation Vacant, The Resurrection of Mars)

Lucie initially found her travels with The Monk “fun”. She met Caligula and the Sensorites, and watched a final of Thordon’s Got Talent. After that, they crash landed in medieval Ireland — in Lucie’s words, The Monk’s “directional whatsit was up the spout” — hanging around in the Abbey of Kells until The Monk could finish repairs, using the illumination skills of the monks to draw a new circuit for the directional unit. (The Resurrection of Mars)

She encountered The Doctor’s companion Tamsin Drew at the Abbey of Kells in 1006, but did not meet The Doctor face to face, and so didn’t realise the “apothecary” Tamsin was travelling with was The Doctor. He, in turn, had no idea who she was, as she was disguised as a monk under the name Lucianus at the time. (The Book of Kells)

After Kells, Lucie and the Monk went to the planet Questus, where The Monk had travelled back in time to kill the parents of a dictator in an avalanche to prevent the dictator’s birth. At this point, after being dragged out of the avalanche, she tired of the Monk’s meddling, telling him, “I don’t want to hang around with a murderer, ’cause even if want to try and avoid wars and stuff, I mean, it’s not worth it if you have to kill people.” After this, The Monk “dumped” heron Deimos Moonbase in the 23rd century. (AThe Resurrection of Mars)


The Doctor rescued Lucie, asking her to raise the ambient temperate of the base to slow down the Ice Warriors while he meddled with the settings of the atmospheric re-ioniser, correcting The Monk’s meddling with Ice Warrior history and preventing the deaths of the human colonists on Mars. Lucie ran into The Doctor’s new companion, Tamsin, who told Lucie that The Doctor was responsible for deaths of the 600 people on the passenger rocket.

When Lord Slaadek threatened the life of the Doctor, Lucie agreed to decrease the temperature again so that The Doctor would live. The Doctor, unable to reverse the effects, brought the re-ioniser “to a very sudden halt with a very loud bang” by reducing a critical feedback in the ionisation beam, giving everyone about five minutes to escape. At the last minute, The Doctor also made the process alter Mars into an Earth-like atmosphere rather than that of the Mars of long before.

Tamsin, whom The Monk had shown what The Doctor’s meddling had caused, had “had enough” of what she considered only looking out for his friends and the Web of Time, and condemning the fate of Halcyon in the future to the Ice Warriors and left with The Monk. Lucie and the Doctor left in The Doctor’s TARDIS. Afterwards, the atmosphere of the moonbase ignited and Deimos lit up, becoming an artificial sun for the human colonists.

Uncertain of continuing to travel with him again, she accepted The Doctor’s offerof another Christmas with him to make up for the one which he had ruined for her. (The Resurrection of Mars)

The Doctor took Lucie to the TARDIS, where they had Christmas dinner with The Doctor’s family: Alex and Susan Campbell. After this, Lucie went to travel 22nd century Earth with Alex. (Relative Dimensions)


Lucie sent a distress message to The Doctor for help with a Dalek invasion of Earth. (Prisoner of the Sun)

She lost her sight in one eye and much of the use of her legs from the plague The Daleks used to limit opposition on Earth at the start of the invasion. (Lucie Miller)

Taking the unconscious and injured Doctor back to Britain to find the TARDIS, Lucie was not happy when she encountered The Monk and Tamsin, who were stealing art treasures, though Tamsin had no idea The Monk’s motives were for selfish reasons and that he had actually helped The Daleks invade Earth. Lucie was indifferent to Tamsin’s presence.

Lucie was furious and actually physically assaulted The Monk when she discovered that he had helped The Daleks during the resistance’s only chance to put an end to the invasion.

Lucie died after she flew a Dalek Saucer under The Dalek stronghold and detonated a bomb to stop the invasion, creating a time warp that sucked The Daleks in. Her death, along with that of Alex and Tamsin, greatly affected The Doctor. (To the Death)


The death of Lucie haunted The Doctor for a time. (The Great War)

When the Eighth Doctor was about to regenerate into his next incarnation on Karn, he remembered Lucie among his past companions. (The Night of the Doctor)

The Twelfth Doctor saw Lucie, among other companions, when Bernice Summerfield was hit by temporal energy in the Pyramid Eternia. (Big Bang Generation)


Lucie had a morbid fear of crocodiles after watching Peter Pan in her youth. (The Skull of Sobek) Her favourite musical artists from her time were the Scissor Sisters, Pink, the Sugababes, Gnarls Barkley, Lily Allen, Gorillaz, Goldfrapp, OutKast and the Killers. (Remain in Light)

Lucie had a strong moral compass and always made the best of what she could. She also made it clear that she didn’t follow The Doctor blindly and made sure that he was put in his place when she felt he needed it. (Orbis, Lucie Miller)

Lucie didn’t like when people assumed that The Doctor was “her man.” (Horrorof Glam Rock, Phobos)

Lucie had a boyfriend who tried to get her into extreme sports but only succeeded in getting her to dump him. (Dead London)

Even though The Doctor was furious when the Time Lords ordered Lucie to travel with him, he grew fond of her and they became the best of friends. (Human Resources) She grew very fond of the Doctor, too. When she thought he was dead, she missed him and couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing him again. (Sisters of the Flame) Lucie was devastated and burst into tears when he plummeted to his apparent death. She considered him to be her friend and the person whom she cared most about. (The Vengeance of Morbius) However, Lucie’s faith in The Doctor changed greatly when she found out that he had been keeping secrets from her. (Death in Blackpool)

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