The Sontaran Experiment & Genesis of the Daleks

Genesis of the Daleks & The Sontaran Experiment
Genesis of the Daleks & The Sontaran Experiment


Two classic Fourth Doctor adventures in one double cassette pack.

The Sontaran Experiment:

Earth 10, 000 years hence and life has been extinguished – or has it? The Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry find themselves in the Piccadilly Circus of the future where the mysterious alien in the rocks rules. Then The Doctor bumps into an old enemy… and finds himself part of a lethal experiment…

This two part adventure was originally transmitted 22th February – 1st March 1975.

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Genesis of the Daleks:

Back on the dreaded Skaro again, The Doctor’s on a mission from the Timelords themselves… simple enough… All he has to do is destroy The Daleks before they evolve and face their evil creator…

This six part adventure heralding the first appearance of Davros was originally transmitted 8th March – 12th April 1975.

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The Sontaran Experiment:

  • This story had a working title known as The Destructors.
  • This was the third episode of season 12 & Genesis of the Daleks was the fourth episode of season 12
  • All the Galsec astronauts have what sound like South African accents, implying a regional accent that these colonies have developed.
  • The Sontarans returned from The Time Warrior

Genesis of the Daleks:

  • The working titles included Genesis of Terror and Daleks: Genesis of Terror.
  • The opening scene for this story was rewritten by David Maloney. Terry Nation felt the rewritten scene was too violent for young children, Mary Whitehouse concurred after the story’s first broadcast.
  • A Dalek ray is used for its weapon for the first time, though the entire screen is still in negative when it fires.
  • This story introduces Davros

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