Legend of the Sea Devils






Place of Origin:



Museum worker

Affiliated With:

Museum of Liverpool

First Seen In:

The Halloween Apocalypse


Once, Upon, Time
Survivors of the Flux
The Vanquishers
Legend of the Sea Devils

Main TV Actor:

Nadia Albina


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Diane worked at the Museum of Liverpool in 2021. She was a friend of Dan Lewis.

On Halloween 2021, she chastised Dan for impersonating a guide at the museum before arranging to meet him for drinks later that night. Dan agreed, but was abducted by Karvanista before he could attend.

While waiting for Dan as agreed on the cornerof Lark Lane, Diane was pulled into an empty building by Azure, who told her: “We’re going to have fun with you”. (The Halloween Apocalypse), they placed Diane within Passenger, in order to use her as a hostage. (Once, Upon Time)

Dan attempted to phone Diane when he returned to Granger Street at 20:10 on 2 November, but he was unable to get through to her. (War of the Sontarans) Later, in the Temple of Atropos, Swarm taunted Dan by revealing her to him. Dan was unwilling to leave the Temple, singularly focused on rescuing Diane, but the Thirteenth Doctor explained that she had left with the Ravagers. (Once, Upon Time)

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