Fear Itself

Fear Itself
Fear Itself

The 22nd century: a few short years of interstellar contact have taught humanity a hard lesson — there are creatures abroad that are nightmare manifest. Powerful, unstoppable, alien forces. It’s a realisation that deals a body blow to man’s belief in his own superiority, and leaves him with the only option he has ever had: to fight.

When The Doctor and his friends are caught in the crossfire, they find humanity licking its wounds and preparing for war. But the fight against alien forces is no job for an amateur, and for a Doctor only just finding his way in the universe again, one misstep could be fatal.


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  • Fear Itself was the sole BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel to feature a story that used only the eighth incarnation of The Doctor. He had earlier been a part of Wolfsbane, but that was primarily a Fourth Doctor adventure.
  • The Doctor starts to regenerate and stops.
  • Fitz’s earliest memories are of wartime London and of the reassuring presence of his Dad towering over him.
  • Anji Kapoor marries Michael, gets a job, and carries a normal life.

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