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Although Doctorman Christine Allan began with the best of intentions, her later actions cemented her place as one of the Doctor’s adversaries, as it was a result of her experiments that the Cybermen were originally created, although their design was only perfected after Allan met the Fifth Doctor.

Doctorman Allan’s life began on Earth’s long-lost twin planet of Mondas, which had drifted out of Earth’s solar system centuries in the past due to the instability caused by the Moon’s arrival in Earth’s solar system disrupting the balance between the two worlds. As a result of Mondas’s long trip through space, the population were forced to retreat underground in order to survive as the surface cooled and the atmosphere froze. Trapped underground in a vast cavern, with oxygen and food supplied by the hydroponics gardens, the people became increasingly desperate, eventually reaching a point where they – under unrevealed circumstances – rose up against their current decadent government, ending their rule and replacing them with the ‘Committee’, a beditionic gestalt composed of twenty of the greatest Mondasian minds (The Doctor described them as possessing enlarged heads and malnourished bodies linked together in a hydra-like pattern, but his own distaste for the concept of the Committee combined with the stress of the situation could have coloured his description).

Although the people of Mondas managed to survive using straightforward transplants to cope with the poor health conditions of their environment at first, as time went on it became increasingly obvious that their continued random drifting through space would only lead to disaster in the long term. To this end, work was begun on an elaborate propulsion system that would allow the ever-dwindling population to reverse Mondas’s direction and take it back to its original solar system, but this only presented further problems, having spent so long living underground, the people of Mondas were driven virtually insane from terror at seeing open space for the first time. Coupled with the rough conditions currently present on the surface – made even worse as Mondas approached a spatial anomaly known as the Cherrybowl Nebula, a crucible of unstable energy that all space-farers avoided like the plague, maintenance crews had to be fully augmented in order to survive, becoming Cybermen in all but name, and even then the conversion process still ended up killing all but nineteen percent of the work crews.

This continued untilthe Fifth Doctor and Nyssa landed on Mondas, Nyssa encouraging The Doctor to stay despite his own desire to leave before he was tempted to interfere in Mondas’s development after she befriended the Hartley family. As The Doctor learned more about Mondas’s current social situation – including the existence of the ‘Committee’ and its peoples’ increased reliance on cybernetic implants, Mondas reached the Cherrybowl Nebula, the unstable space opening a hole in the cavern ro of and damaging the power generators. Forced to work with Allan and Cyber-Commander Zheng to restore power, The Doctor took what should have been a fatal electric shock While repairing the generators, unintentionally attracting Allan’s attention due to him surviving the shock with only a few burns, prompting her to run a full body scan of him. As a result, she learned that all The Doctor’s body functions were controlled by a tertiary lobe at the back of his brain While the rest focused on intellectual functions, by duplicating that extra lobe, Allan could perfect the Cyber-conversion process and eliminate the organ failure issues… which meant that every single Cyberman The Doctor had ever met in his past and her future would be based on him.

Refusing to allow a race created in his image to continue as it was, The Doctor resolved to stop the Committee as they prepared to initiate large-scale conversion of the city, having concluded that this option was more practical than trying to start the planetary propulsion system, The Doctor’s own words inspiring them to shed individuality and become the first Cyber-Planner when he confronted them with their lack of unity. Traumatised by the knowledge that she’d condemned her people to become a race of machines when she’d only ever sought to augment selected workers to save her planet, Allan sought refuge in the bottles of wine still stored in the cellars of the Committee palace, inspiring The Doctor and Nyssa to use the wine to contaminate the Committee’s nutrient feed. With the aid of the Hartley family – the father being a ‘mat-catcher’ who caught wild Cybermats, The Doctor was able to program the city generators to attract the Cybermats, drawing power from the already-weakened Committee long enough for The Doctor to convince Zheng to activate the propulsion system, reasoning that both humans and Cybermen would otherwise die While the Committee was now only interesting in its own survival. Although The Doctor left Allan with some notes about how to reserve the conversion process, the appearance of Zheng after his departure implied that processing would still continue.

Although Doctorman Allan has never been referenced again in the series, the Tenth Doctor briefly visited a parallel Earth (“Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel”) where he encountered a man who could be regarded as Allan’s ‘counterpart’, John Lumic, a crippled, dying genius who created the Cybermen as a means of saving his own life when he began dying of an unspecified illness. Although he attempted to initiate mass conversion in the belief that it would make life ‘better’ for humanity, unconcerned with accusations that he was eliminating the very creativity that inspired him to make the Cybermen in the first place, he was defeated when The Doctor and his allies destroyed his main conversion factory, Lumic – now converted into the Cyber-Controller – dying in the subsequent explosion.

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