Spare Parts

Spare Parts
Spare Parts


Peter Davison (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Sally Knyvette (Doctorman Allan), Pamela Binns (Sisterman Constant), Derren Nesbitt (Thomas Dodd), Paul Copley (Dad), Kathryn Guck (Yvonne Hartley), Jim Hartley (Frank Hartley), Ann Jenkins (Mrs. Ginsberg), Nicholas Briggs (Zheng/Cyber Voices/Radio Announcer/ Citizen/Nurse), Alistair Lock (Minister/TV Commentator), Gary Russell (Philpott/ Nurse)


“I’m not even sure They are people by the end. They’re just so many tinned left-overs…”

On a dark frozen planet where no planet should be, in a doomed city with a sky of stone, the last denizens of Earth’s long-lost twin will pay any price to survive, even if the laser scalpels cost them their love and hate and humanity.

And in the Mat-infested streets, round about tea-time, the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa unearth a black market in secondhand body parts and run the gauntlet of augmented police and their augmented horses.

And just between the tramstop and the picturehouse, The Doctor’s worst suspicions are finally confirmed: the Cybermen have only just begun, and The Doctor will be, just as he always has been, their saviour…


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  • Spare Parts was the thirty-fourth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. It explained the somewhat surprising origins of the Mondasian Cybermen.
  • Yvonne has a pet Cybermat.
  • The Doctor tries to fight off a Cyberman with gold, but it has no effect.
  • This story marks the first chronological appearance of a Cyber-Planner. It originates in a union of the brightest minds of the Mondasian Council.
  • Part of the Cybermen design is structured after The Doctor’s own brain.This story takes place at the beginning of the Cybermen’s creation. Many of its events lead into those of The Tenth Planet.
  • Nyssa has sympathy with people losing their family. (The Keeper Of Traken)
  • Zoe Heriot might never start travelling with the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon
  • the Second Doctor might not have encountered UNIT, and therefore the conditions of the Third Doctor’s exile on Earth might have been substantially different
  • the First Doctor’s regeneration might have happened under radically changed conditions

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