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The TV Movie

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14 May 1996

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Paul McGann (The Doctor), Eric Roberts (The Master), Daphne Ashbrook (Dr Grace Holloway), Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Yee Jee Tso (Chang Lee), John Novak (Salinger), Michael David Simms (Dr Swift), Catherine Lough (Wheeler), Dolores Drake (Curtis), William Sasso (Pete), Jeremy Radick (Gareth), Eliza Roberts (Miranda), Ron James (Motorcycle Policeman), Dave Hurtubise (Professor Wagg), Joel Wirkunnen (Ted), Dee Jay Jackson (Security Man), Gordon Tipple (The Old Master), Mi-Jung Lee, Joanna Piros (News Anchors).


Written by Matthew Jacobs
Directed by Geoffrey Sax
Produced by Jo Wright


New Years Eve 1999. Earth is about to run out of time… Returning home to Gallifrey with the remains of his arch enemy, The Master, the TARDIS is forced off course, returning The Doctor into the middle of a street gang’s gun battle in downtown San Francisco. Critically wounded in the shoot out, The Doctor has to regenerate to save his own life. And he’s not the only one – The Master too has a new body with which to wreak havoc, and his ultimate goal is to take The Doctor’s own existence. As the clock counts down to the start of a new millennium, The Doctor has to stop The Master destroying all life on Earth. But at what cost…?


  • The Doctor suddenly believing he’s half human might not have been true before now, and it could just be that residue human DNA from Dr John Smith in Human Nature caused this change. The Seventh Doctor was sent to collect The Master’s remains by Romana, as revealed in Lungbarrow.
  • The Eye of Harmony’s operating only to human eyes could have something to do with when the Sixth Doctor and Romana programmed Evelyn’s eye print onto the retina scanners of Gallifrey during the Dalek invasion in The Apocalypse Element.
  • The Master’s claim that The Doctor has made him waste all his lives is justified, since whenThe Master (Then Koschei) met the Second Doctor in The Dark Path, he was on his first life, but when he appeared in Terror of the Autons after escaping the black hole he was trapped in then, he only had one regeneration left, so he used all but one life to escape the hole.
  • .The TARDIS interior went through a radical change.
  • The Doctor, Fitz and Sam shall later experience the after-effects of this battle when they arrive in San Francisco in Unnatural History.
  • Exactly how The Master is able to turn into a snake after death in revealed in The Eight Doctors
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