Planet of the Dead


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Planet of the Dead

Series 4


First Transmitted

11 April 2009

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2009 specials dvd set


Planet of the Dead DVD


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Regular Cast

David Tennant (The Doctor)

Guest Cast
Michelle Ryan (Lady Christina da Souza), Lee Evans (Malcom Taylor), Noma Dumezweni (Capt. Erisa Magambo), Adam James (D.I. McMillan), Glenn Doherty (Sgt. Dennison), Victoria Alcock (Amgela Whittaker), David Ames (Nathan), Ellen Thomas (Carmen), Reginald Tsiboe (Lou), Daniel Kaluuya (Barclay), Keith Parry (Bus Driver), James Layton (Sgt. Ian Jenner), Paul Kasey (Sorvin), Ruari Mears (Praygat).


Written by Russell T. Davies/Gareth Roberts
Directed by James Strong
Produced by Tracey Simpson


When a London bus takes a detour to an alien world, The Doctor must join forces with the extraordinary Lady Christina. But the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets, hidden in the sand.

And time is running out, as the deadly Swarm gets closer…


  • The Tenth Doctor ponders why people on buses are always suspicious of him – a reference to Midnight.
  • When Malcolm first talks with the Tenth Doctor he claims to have read all of his UNIT files. The Doctor asks him which he likes best, suggesting the ‘Giant Robot’ (Robot).
  • Captain Magambo was last seen assisting Rose and Donna in Turn Left.
  • The Doctor remarks that Christina is not the first person to call him ‘space man’, this was Donna’s nickname for him.
  • The Doctor refers to his liberation of the TARDIS from the Time Lords when talking to Christina.
  • Magambo is delighted when the swarm are brought down by UNIT’s weaponry. Her line “Guns that work!” is a reference to various comments made by the Brigadier about the ineffective nature of human weaponry against alien species.
  • The bus in this episode is called the 200, a reference to ‘Planet of the Dead’ being viewed by some to be the 200th Doctor Who Television story. This calculation involves discounting the unfinished Shada, the Children In Need Special, Time Crash (also for Children in Need), Attack of the Graske (an interactive episode), The Infinite Quest (an animated serial) and Music of the Spheres (a BBC Proms special). It also interprets Trial of a Time Lord as a single story.
  • The Doctor feels awkward when saluted by Captain Magambo, a sentiment he made clear in The Sontaran Stratagem.
  • The Tenth Doctor talks of losing his companions, echoing his comments at the end of The Next Doctor. It was in Journey’s End that he was left alone when all of his friends returned to their own lives / were forced to leave his company.
  • Carmen’s warning that The Doctor’s ‘song is ending’ is an echo of Ood Sigma’s comments at the end of Planet of the Ood. This and the remainder of Carmen’s prophecy will be played out in David Tennant’s final three episodes as the incumbent Doctor – beginning with Waters of Mars.
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