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Doctor Who & The Daleks
Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD

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25 June 1965 & 26 July 1966






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Doctor Who and the Daleks

Peter Cushing (Dr Who), Roy Castle (Ian), Jennie Linden (Barbara), Roberta Tovey (Susan), Barrie Ingham (Alydon), Michael Coles (Ganatus), Yvonne Antrobus (Dyoni), Geoffrey Toone (Temmosus), John Bown (Antodus), Mark Petersen (Elyon), Ken Garady, Nicholas Head, Michael Lennox, Jack Waters, Virginia Tyler, Jane Lumb, Bruce Wells, Martin Grace, Sharon Young, Gary Wyler (Thals)*, Bruno Castagnoli, Micahel Dillon, Brian Hands, Robert Jewel, Kevin Manser, Eric McKay, Len Saunders, Gerald Tayler (Dalek Operators), Peter Hawkins, David Hawkins (Dalek Voice)*.

Doctor Who Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD

Peter Cushing (Dr Who), Bernard Cribbins (Tom Campbell), Ray Brooks (David), Andrew Keir (Wylen), Roberta Tovey (Susan), Jill Curzon (Louise), Roger Avon (Wells), Geoffrey Cheschire (Roboman), Keith Marsh (Conway), Philip Madoc (Brockley), Steve Peters (Leader Roboman), Eddie Powell (Thompson), Godfrey Quigley (Dortmun), Peter Reynolds (Man on Bicyle), Bernard Spear (Man with Carrier bag), Sheila Steafel (Young Woman), Eileen Way (Old Woman), Keneth Watson (Craddock), John Wreford (Robber), Robert Jewell (Leader Dalek Operator).


Written by Milton Subotsky
Directed by Gordon Flemyng
Produced by Milton Subotsky/Max J. Rosenberg


Doctor Who and the Daleks

The first big screen adventure based on the ever-popular BBC television science fiction series.

Join Dr Who as he is transported by the TARDIS through time and space to the future planet Skaro devastated by radiation fall out.

There the Timelord battles the mutated alien Daleks who threaten to exterminate the peace-loving Thals by detonating a neutron bomb.

Starring Peter Cushing as Dr Who, Roy Castle as Ian, Jennie Linden as Barbara, Roberta Tovey as Susan

Doctor Who Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD

The second big screen adventure based on the ever-popular BBC television science fiction series.

Dr Who is transported by the TARDIS to a desolated future Earth under cosmic attack by the vengeful Daleks. Whole continents have been wiped out and the humans turned into Robomen – living dead slaves!

The evil Daleks plan to blast out the Earths core with an atomic bomb and pilot the conquered planet as a giant spaceship. Only underground resitance movement stands in the way of total Dalek control and Extermination.


Doctor Who and the Daleks

  • Several of the Dalek props were purchased by the BBC and appear in  The Chase. As it was broadcast before the release of this film, the Dalek movie props were seen on before they were seen in the cinemas.
  • The Daleks were proposed to have flame throwers, but this was vetoed. The effect used for the Daleks’ weapons on television could not be achieved on film negatives.
  • According to Gordon Flemyng “We used that (the fire extinguisher) because we couldn’t afford to add a ray to the film and it wouldn’t have been good enough to just have people fall down. We wanted something that could be seen.

    Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD

  • This film has at least two different spellings of its title – Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. which is used in the actual film’s title sequence, and Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150 A.D, which was used in the original film’s trailer.
  • More than 40 years later, co-star Bernard Cribbins returned to the world of Doctor Who, voicing a character for the 2007 Big Finish Productions audio drama Horror of Glam Rock and, later, making several appearances as Wilfred Mott beginning in Voyage of the Damned. He acted as the Tenth Doctor’s companion in The End of Time and was directly responsible for his regeneration.
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