Attack of the Cybermen


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Attack of the Cybermen

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First Transmitted

5 January 1985

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Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri)

Guest Cast

Maurice Colbourne (Lytton), Brian Glover (Griffiths), Terry Molloy (Russell) [1], James Beckett (Payne) [1], David Banks (Cyber Leader), Michael Kilgarriff (Cyber Controller), Michael Attwell (Bates), Jonathan David (Stratton), Brian Orrell (Cyber Lieutenant), John Ainley (Cyberman), Stephen Churchett (Bill) [1], Stephen Wale (David) [1], Sarah Berger (Rost) [2], Esther Freud (Threst) [2], Faith Brown (Flast) [2], Sarah Greene (Varne)


Written by Paula Woolsey
Directed by Mat thew Robinson
Produced by John Nathan Turner


Whilst narrowly avoiding a collision with Halley’s Comet in the TARDIS, The Doctor and Peri encounter a distress call emanating from London, Earth in 1985. The Doctor decides to investigate…

In central London, a gang of diamond thieves, led by ex-Dalek agent Lytton, plan to enter their target building via the sewers. But once down in the darkness, things start going wrong, for lurking in the underground shadows are the Cybermen…

After The Doctor and his companion Peri are captured by the Cybermen, they are caught up in a complex scheme which involves dramatically altering history, allowing the Cybermen to prevent the destruction of their first home planet Mondas. Forced to take the TARDIS to the new homeworld of the Cybermen (the ice-tombs of Telos), The Doctor realises the situation is being sinisterly manipulated, but by whom? The Cybermen? Lytton? The Cryons (the original inhabitants of Telos)? Or perhaps even his own race, the Time Lords?


  • There is much contention over who exactly wrote Attack of the Cybermen, it was written under the pseudonym Paula Moore.
    Paula Woolsey and Eric Saward, supposedly together wrote the story, however Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis can/could also be credits as the inventors of the Cybermen.
  • There is also some argument whether Ian Levine also contributed to the story.
  • Attack of the Cybermen was first broadcast in two weekly parts, beginning with this serial and continuing for the remainder of Season 22, episodes were 45 minutes in length (as opposed to previous episodes which were 25 minutes long) for syndication, in some markets, this serial is re-ed into four, 25-minute segments
  • A typically for the title sequence used from Seasons 18 through 23, the story title is rendered in all capital letters.
  • This story had the working title The Cold War.
  • The Chameleon Circuit has its first full use in the show the first time in the shows 22 year history.
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