Androzani Minor

Androzani Minor

Androzani Minor


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Androzani Minor is the twin planet of Androzani Major. Androzani Minor is a barren world, with no vegetation or water, but plenty of sand dunes. The fifth Doctor, when he and Peri visited Androzani Minor, commented that Peri was a little late to go swimming as a billion years had passed since there had been any water.

Mud burst on the surface there appears to be many cave entrances, but closer examination shows them to be blowholes. The centre of Androzani Minor contains superheated mud. When Androzani Minor passes close to Androzani Major the gravitationalforces causes massive mud bursts. Anyone caught in a mud burst will be seriously injured, maybe even killed.

The main resource of Androzani Minor is spectrox. A refinery will take raw spectrox and the result is an life extending drug that is in high demand. Underground in Androzani Minor there are a network of cave passages which are used by both the military and gun runners, as well as being a route for mud bursts.

Androzani Minor was colonised by humans to gather the spectrox found in the caves. They used androids to harvest it. The supply was controlled by Morgus and Sharaz Jek, but Morgus betrayed Sharaz and caused him to be scarred by a mud burst. Sharaz tried to fight back with his androids. They were countered by Morgus’ federal forces. The Fifth Doctor and Peri happened to land on Androzani Minor at this time. They were caught up in the conflict and developed spectrox toxaemia. By the end of the conflict, Sharaz, Morgus and his men were killed. The Doctor managed to find a queen bat and extract her milk, the only known cure for spectrox toxameia. As Peri fell victim to the final stages of the illness, The Doctor carried her in his arms back to the TARDIS, fighting off the effects of paralysis. He took a stumble in the desert because of the difficult it took to will himself to move, spilling a large amount of the milk. When he found refuge in the TARDIS, he found there was only enough milk to cure one of them. He gave what was left to Peri, who would die without treatment. The Doctor willingly sacrificed his life, knowing he could regenerate,


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