Place of Origin:



Lost Library of Ukko

Main Actor:

Cathey Robinsen


Yssaringintinka was an Ukkan librarian who came to K9 Mark 2 and his friends’ aid when Starkey was trapped on Urlic.

Yssaringintinka was born thousands of years before 2050.

The Ukkan library card containing Urlic was taken from the Ukkan archives by Huskian Pirates, it eventually made its way to Earth where it was captured by theDepartment. As there was a prison over-crowding problem on Earth in 2050, Inspector Thorne decided to turn it into a prison planet and dump prisoners there. He trapped Starkey on the planet by using a careers day at the Department HQ. Starkey and Darius slipped away from the rest of the guests to investigate Thorne’s office where Starkey found the card. Looking at the card, he was sucked in and transported to the planet Urlic. Darius Pike brought it to the Gryffen House, and Yssaringintinka arrived to help them. She could safely examine the card because she became immune to the effect of the cards over millennia. She needed the plinth of the card to retrieve Starkey. She could extract him with a retriever but only if the card was on the plinth. The plinth was located at Department HQ. Alistair Gryffen warned her when she decided to go and get it that the Department didn’t like people dropping in.

Yssaringintinka gave everyone purple glasses which allowed them to look at the card without being sucked in and talk to Starkey. She warned that the card’s fail-safe will close the portal in two hours. The team did a deal with Thorne, they offered him the card if he gave them the plinth to get Starkey out. Gryffen argued he’ll never keep his side of the bargain so Darius suggested they double-cross him. They contacted Thorne who demanded it back or he would use force. K9 interrupted and told him that he can do nothing with the technology unless he had more information. He told him about the Ukkan goggles and offered him Yssaringintika as a consultant.

Yssaringintinka disabled the goggles so that when Thorne wore the goggles and saw the card he was sucked in. However, Thorne double-crossed them as well as his box merely contained a brick rather than the plinth. June Turner took the plinth from Thorne’s office from Department HQ. Despite Thorne and Starkey’s stubbornness, Yssaringintinka and the others were able to get them to stop fighting. The retriever didn’t work well at first but when Starkey grabbed Thorne they were returned. Thorne threatened to have everyone arrested, and Yssaringintinka threatened to erase him if he harms anyone. On the doorstep she asked Gryffen to come with her to Ukko as they are short of men. He was tempted but passed, he thanked her and she teleported back home. (Lost Library of Ukko)


Yssaringintinka had the attitude of a stereotypical prim librarian. She didn’t take overdue library cards lightly, as seen with Thorne and Urlic. She was more concerned about the preservation of Urlic than with Starkey, as his presence threatened the planet with contamination if he left anything behind. She believed that humans didn’t deserve their “lovely” planet as they made such a mess of it. She didn’t like Thorne whom she referred to as an “ugly, boney man”. She frowned upon Gryffen’s untidiness and they fought over making his cabinet neater. When Gryffen refused to deceive Thorne, Yssaringintinka asked why he was so careful with truth when his house was so messy, stating “tidiness comes before truth”. Despite these opposites, she took a liking to him and offered him to come with her back to Ukko. (Lost Library of Ukko)

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