City At Worlds End

City At Worlds End
City At Worlds End

The Doctor and his companions land in the city of Arkhaven, the last bastedition of civilisation on a doomed world.

The inhabitants of the city are pinning all their hopes on a final desperate gamble for survival. BEHIND THE SCENES there are jealous factions at work, secretly contesting for the chance to shape the destiny of a new world. Beneath its ordered surface, Arkhaven is a city of secrets and mysteries where outward appearances can be deceptive.

Is the thing they call the “Creeper” really at large in Arkhaven’s eerie outer zone – and is it beast or machine? What is the hidden force at work that has acted so strangely upon Susan?

With Barbara lost and the countdown to doomsday drawing to a climax, The Doctor must discover the true nature of the final enemy – or is that enemy simply fear itself?


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  • City at Worlds End was the twenty-fifth BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the First Doctor, Susan, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. This was the second novel of the BBC series to feature this line up of Doctor and companions. Along with Interference – Book One this is the first novel to feature the new blue Doctor Who logo, previous to this novel the logo was
  • Ian mentions the Daleks. (The Daleks)
  • After being injured, Susan thinks that it’s time to “begin the change”. She thinks it would have occurred a long time in her future and her grandfather would have been there to help it happen

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