Everything Changes




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The Alliance

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Big Guy

First Seen In:

Everything Changes


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Weevils” were what Torchwood Three called a race of savage, alien humanoids found in Cardiff due to the Cardiff Space-Time Rift. Torchwood didn’t know the species’ real name because, as Jack Harkness said, “they’re not too good at communicating.” (Everything Changes)


Weevils were roughly humanoid in shape and size, but were a bit taller and had flattened faces with many sharp, fang-like teeth. Though faster and stronger than humans, they were not extraordinarily powerful and could be injured with electricity, brute force or by Torchwood’s anti-Weevil spray. Due to its frequent use, Weevils began to develop a resistance to the spray. (Combat)

Though not quite cold-blooded, Weevils had a much lower body temperature than humans. (Slow Decay) Weevils had an advanced digestive system, allowing them to eat almost anything, though 5hey preferred meat. (Everything Changes, Slow Decay) they had powerful teeth and killed by ripping out the throat. (Countrycide, Something in the Water)

Their digestive system was connected to their circulatory system, meaning that anything that got in it (be it bacteria or bullets) would eventually be digested. (Slow Decay) The Pharm was able to extract a pesticide and a powerful defoliant from the Weevils. (Reset)


Weevils had mild telepathic abilities and could feel strong emotions from other Weevils far away. (Combat, Slow Decay) they were also believed to have a degree of time sensitivity (End of Days), could detect the illusions created by Bilis Manger (End of Days), were afraid of Cell 114 (Sleeper), and followed Owen Harper after he was brought back by the Resurrection gauntlet. (Dead Man Walking)

Weevils were incapable of swimming. (Lost Souls)

Mickey Smith fought a Weevil during his time as a freelance alien hunter. (The Transformed)

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