It was the ruthless pack instinct of the primeval forest. But warlock magnified it a thousand times and made it lethal.

There’s a strange new drug on the street. It’s called warlock and some people say it’s the creation of the Devil. Others see it as the gateway to enlightenment.

Benny is working with an undercover cop, trying to track down its source. Ace is trapped in a horrific animal experimentation laboratory. But only The Doctor has begun to guess the terrible truth about warlock.

This disturbing sequel to Warhead moves beyond cyberpunk into a realm where reality is a question of brain chemistry and heaven or hell comes in the shape of a pill.


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  • Warlock is the thirty-fourth New Adventures novel. It features the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice Summerfield. It is the second in a trilogy of linked novels, Cat’s Cradle: Warhead was the first (published in 1992) and the third novel was Warchild (published in 1996).
  • Warlock smells like liquorice. It magnifies emotions and makes them into reality. However, Warlock is actually an alien intelligence.
  • Ace is given a strong dose of Warlock, which transfers her mind into a black cat’s.
  • Creed and Mrs Woodcott save Justine and her baby (The baby is Vincent Wheaton’s).
  • Justine runs off with Creed (leaving husband Vincent).
  • Paulie Keaton is the owner of aforementioned prostitution house.

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