The Creature from the Pit





The Creature from the Pit

Main Actor:

John Bryans


Torvin was a former mineron Chloris who became the un official leader of a band of thieves which included Ainu and Edu. As metal was scarce on Chloris, Torvin treasured it.

A group of the thieves captured Romana II and returned her to the camp. Torvin was in favourof killing her but, as Ainu reminded him, his vote only counted as much as the next. Torvin agreed that he was all for democracy. They held a vote and the majority voted to kill her, however Romana convinced them otherwise and she was freed. Using his curiosity against him, Romana had Torvin blow K9’s dog whistle. K9’s arrival startled the group and Torvin moved to take the dog due to his metalconstruction. In response, K9 stunned him.

Waking up, he formulated a plan to attack the palace as he believed all the guards would be coming to attack the camp. They entered the palace and took most of the metal present. Torvin and Edu took the Tythonian communicator but it hypnotised them both into taking it to Erato. After doing so, they ran away in fear.

Returning to camp with their plunder, the thieves were overjoyed. However, Karela followed them and stabbed Torvin, telling him that he had six inches more to add to his collection. He died almost instantly (The Creature from the Pit)

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