The Time Warrior

The Time Warrior
The Time Warrior


A terrifying combination and future threatens the entire human race and plunges The Doctor and Sarah into a chilling race against time…

Top scientists are vanishing and the Doctor, hot on the trail, finds himself in the middle ages in not-so-merry England. Linx, a warlike Sontaran fleet commander has crash-landed near a medieval castle and is providing the feuding Irongron with advanced weapons that could totally change the course of human evolution. He is also using the kidnapped scientists to repair his broken ship. His main ambition is to return to his squadron. Nothing will stop him.

As Irongron prepares to do battle The Doctor makes his move. Can he save the doomed scientists, outwit Irongron and stop Linx completing his catastrophic plan? The future of mankind is in his hands…

Episode entry

  • The Time Warriorwas the first story in the eleventh season of Doctor Who. It marked the first appearance of the Sontarans, along with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, the Third Doctor’s new companion. The story also finally revealed the name of the Doctor’s home planet as Gallifrey.
  • The Time Warrior was the first story of season 11 and Sarah Jane’s debut
  • The Doctor proves himself good at fencing, while fighting in disguise against Ironside.
  • Working titles for this story included The Fugitive, The Time Fugitive and the Time Survivor.s
  • Gallifrey was originally scripted as Galfrey.
  • This episode is set shortly after Johas left, as in Death of the Doctor, Sarah Jane told Jo that she arrived”just after” her departure.

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