Timeless Passages

Timeless Passages

Timeless Passages

Regular Cast

Lisa Bowerman (Professor Bernice Summerfield), Toby Longworth (Samuel Wolfe), Keith Drinkle (Archibald Spool), Katarina Olsson (Hermione)


For years the great Labyrinth of Kerykeion has been home to one of the largest libraries of human incunabula in the galaxy. Here, otherwise lost volumes are all carefully preserved.

From tomorrow, it’s under new management.

Professor Bernice Summerfield is sent to acquire some of the rarest books for the Braxiatel Collectionbefore the new corporate owners bulldoze their way in.

She’s hoping for a quiet time searching the archives. Some chance. Soon she’s investigating a horrible murder, and is caught up in a last-ditch scheme to save the entire library.

There’s a vicious, insane killer cyborg on Benny’s heels. And then ancient subterranean powers begin to stir…


    • Timeless Passages was the thirtieth Bernice Summerfield audio story released by Big Finish Productions.
    • Benny time travels within the Labyrinth of Kerykeion. There are also elements of a time loop and a temporal paradox.
    • This audio drama was recorded on 15 May 2006.

      Written by: Daniel O’Mahony
      Director: John Ainsworth
      Sound Design: Simon Robinson
      Music: Simon Robinson
      Cover Art: Adrian Salmon
      Number of Discs: 1
      Duration: 74′ 16″
      ISBN: 1-84435-190-8
      Production Code: BFPCD30


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