The Heavenly Paradigm

The Heavenly Paradigm

The Heavenly Paradigm

Regular Cast

Derek Jacobi (The Master), Jonny Green (Cole Jarnish), Emily Barber (Elidh), Nerys Hughes (Mrs Wilson), Jonathan Bailey (Marigold Lane Computer). Other parts played by members of the cast


With his plans approaching fruition, The Master travels to Stamford Bridge in the 1970s: a location he believes might hold the key to his success. But what terrible secret lurks under the stairs of No. 24 Marigold Lane? And what sacrifices will The Master make in the name of ultimate victory?


The Heavenly Paradigm was the fourth and final story in the audio anthology Only the Good, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Guy Adams and featured Derek Jacobi as The Master and Jonny Green as Cole Jarnish.
The Master claims not to be an enemy of the Time Lords like a Dalek, Cyberman or Sontaran.
Peltrax was dead for centuries as it was plundered by its people. The changes The Master makes cause it to become a lead planet in green energy.
Bortrom was a cinder since The Master was a Time Tot. The species becomes renowned for their spaceship design and prowess.
Chelfrey is a famed recreational planet. It ceases to exist.
Keetol was one of the first successful Time Lord campaigns in the Time War. The Daleks wished to mine it for weapons grade rocks. The Master was present at the battle.
This story had a working title of the Unutterable Hell of 24 Marigold Lane. (Only the Good)
The Master sees the Dalek Emperor take control of the Cruciform. (The Sound of Drums)
The Master turns himself into a human child, and presumably exits his TARDIS at the coast of the Silver Devastation. (Utopia) Echoing a sentiment he previously held on The Doctor, he boasts that “a universe without The Master scarcely bares thinking about.” (The Five Doctors)
Cole acknowledges that turning left or right can change the course of history. (Turn Left)


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