The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

The TARDIS takes The Doctor and Ace to the planet Segonax, the latest home of the famous Psychic Circus. But Ace finds the clowns a bit creepy and would much rather stay out in the sun, which may be just as well…

This is no ordinary circus and people come from planets far and wide to audition for the opportunity to take part. But there’s a darker side to the show – who are the three members of the audience upon whose whims the performers’ lives depend? And why is the Chief Clown driving a hearse and trying to capture the local youths?

The Doctor decides to investigate further and, while Ace tries to befriend some of the more terrified workers, he realises that the Psychic Circus is really a front for a farolder, and deadlier, menace from his past.

He and Ace must ward off killer bus conductors, werewolves, the walking dead, and some murderous robot clowns before they
can hope to stop an evil from the very dawn of history…

Originally transmitted 14th December 1988 – 4th January 1989.
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The Greatest Show In The Galaxy was the final episode of season 25

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