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Low Town

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The Deadly Assassin

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The Timeless Children


Named for the original indigenous people of Gallifrey, who built the Citadel and gave rise to Time Lord society, through Tecteun and the Timeless Child, (The Timeless Children) the name “Shobogan “referred, for most of Gallifreyan history, to a sub-group of the Outsiders. (The Eight Doctors) The Seventh Doctor described them as “New Age Time Lord dropouts.” (All-Consuming Fire)

In the third century after Rassilon’s death, Rassilon’s Rampart was built to keep out Shobogans. (Lungbarrow)

While attending the Time Lord Academy, The Doctor would sometimes play truant to spend time with Shobogans in Low Town. (The Eight Doctors) He was occasionally joined by The Master, who at one time picked a fight with six drunken Shobogans. (Christmas Truce) After The Doctor stole the moon and the President’s daughter, the Shobogans spread a lie that he had actually stolen the President’s wife. (Hell Bent)

According to Castellan Spandrell, the Shobogans often committed petty acts of vandalism within the Capitol. (The Deadly Assassin) When the truth about Ravolox was revealed, (The Ultimate Foe) the Shobogans deposed the High Council. (The Eight Doctors)

“Shabooj’m” lived in the ruins of a great civilisation on the planet Ardethe. (Deadfall)

The Shobogans worshipped the god of chaos and anarchy, the Great Old One Azathoth. (All-Consuming Fire)

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