The Scarlet Empress

The Scarlett Empress
The Scarlett Enpress


Arriving on the almost impossibly ancient planet of Hyspero, a world where magic and danger walk hand in hand, The Doctor and Sam are caught up in a bizarre struggle for survival.

Hyspero has been ruled for thousands of years by the Scarlet Empresses, creatures of dangerous powers – powers that a member of the Doctor’s own race is keen to possess herself: the eccentric time traveller and philanderer known only as Iris Wildthyme.

As the real reasons for Iris’s obsession become clear, The Doctor and Sam must embark on a perilous journey across deserts, mountains, forests and oceans. Both friends and foes are found among spirits, djinns, alligator men and golden bears – but in a land where the magical is possible, is anything really as it seems?


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  • The Scarlet Empress is the fifteenth BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures novel. It was written by Paul Magrs. It features The Doctor and Samantha Jones. It is also the first full length novel to feature Iris Wildthyme, a Time Lady
  • The Doctor describes himself as an ethnomethodologist and his job as being keeping everyone out of the trap of genre-death.
  • Sam sings ABBA songs with Iris on their road trip.
  • Iris claims The Doctor’s previous self was a pretentious old thing calling himself “Guardian of Forever” and “Time’s Champion”.
  • The Doctor can pilot Iris’s TARDIS.
  • Sam suggests to The Doctor the TARDIS should have a white and luminous control room and look a bit more futuristic, than the gothicness that it currently looks like.

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