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Interference – Book One


Ordifica was a water world (Down) and the site of a 26th century human colony set up by the Faction Paradox. The planet’s first settlers came to Ordifica in the 23rd century.

St Augustine City was one of the cities of the colony. The Cold was found to be present there and officials removed Fitz Kreiner from it after he had been in the Cold for the past six hundred years.

In 2596, during the sixth year of the War in Heaven, the High Council of the Time Lords attacked and destroyed Ordifica because of the Faction Paradox’s influence on the colony.

Many of the survivors of this attack, including Laura Tobin, were set up on another colony by the Faction Paradox known as Anathema. (Interference – Book One)

Frans Nils Kryptosa was born on Ordifica. When MEPHISTO rebuilt Tyler’s Folly based on Kryptosa’s memories, it designed the outside to resemble Ordifica. (Down)

As a young girl, Sandra Johansen flew bugsprayers over the sea farms of Ordifica, but as a teenager she stowed away on a Hotop Company cargo shifter and worked passage to the Central Stars. (Ghost Devices)

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