The Girl Who Died



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The Girl Who Died

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The Girl Who Died


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Leader of the Mire. The holographic face he presents to the Vikings reflects their belief in a god called Odin.

Also known as: Mire General

‘Odin’ claims he has come to reward the mightiest warriors of the village by summoning them to feast in the halls of Valhalla.

What is heaven but the gilded door of the abattoir?

In reality, Odin kidnaps the Vikings to extract their adrenaline and testosterone, to invigorate the Mire Warriors.

Ashildr was given a Mire helmet, she projected the image of a sea dragon to scare off the Mire. The warriors retreated to their ship, and”Odin” faced the Twelfth Doctor, who threatened to upload a video of their defeat to the¬†Galactic Hub.

Furious, “Odin” teleported back to the ship and left Earth

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