Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Philip Olivier (Hex), Trevor Bannister
(Korbin Thessinger), Paul David-Gough (Will Alloran), Eric Potts (Lothar Ragpole), Ann Rye (Lilian Dillane), Helen Kay (Cate Reeney)


On the human colony planet Nocturne, there is suffering and blight, tragic symptoms of an ages-old war. Never the less, Nocturne is also one of the Doctor’s favourite places in all of time and space, because it is here that a late, great flowering of human art – the High Renaissance – is taking place.

He has been back here many times. It is a place of music and art which he finds inspirational and uplifting. It is a place he wants to share with Ace and Hex. It’s always been a safe haven for him, a world of friends and laughter.

But with strict Martial Law imposed on the front-line city, and the brutal scourge of interstellar warfare vicing the system, how safe can anyone really be?

There is a note of death in the wild, midnight wind.



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  • Nocturne was the ninety-second monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions.
  • Ace and Hex remind The Doctor of several previous occasions that he brought them to places under false pretences including Breearos (apparently in order for The Doctor to return his library books but resulting in a fortnight’s stay while he negotiated the ceasefire in the Orbit Wars), Tau Sartos (to use their reliable laundry service but in actuality to prevent the spawning of a particularly mucous Zylax swarm) and Nydas III.
  • The Fifth Doctor once visited Nocturne in the company of Tegan Jovanka. The Seventh Doctor describes it as being”a particularly lively visit.”
  • while he was in secondary school, Hex went on a school trip to Venice. He thought that everything was wet and smelled like rubbish.
  • The Doctor mentions that he has previously had numerous bad experiences with robots. (Robot, The Robots of Death)

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