Lethbridge-Stewart: Night of the Intelligence

Lethbridge-Stewart: Night of the Intelligence
Lethbridge-Stewart: Night of the Intelligence


LETHBRIDGE-STEWART: Night of the Intelligence (Series 4 book 1)

Three men feel the pull of the Great Intelligence.

One, Professor Edward Travers, who was once possessed by it, plans to return to the Det-Sen Monastery to clear his mind of the Intelligence once and for all. But he never makes it. The Vault want him, but an old friend is waiting in the wings to help.

Two, Owain Vine, who carries the seed of the Intelligence within, is in Japan on a pilgrimage to cleanse himself of the taint he feels in his soul. Soon a happy reunion takes place, and Owain learns that past friendships are not what they seemed.

Three, Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, who finds himself haunted by the spectre of his brother, James, who refuses to stay dead.

The stage is set for the long, dark night of the Intelligence.


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Archibald Lethbridge-Stewart is one of the Brigadier’s relatives. (Twice Upon a Time)
When telling Anne about the Buddhist belief in reincarnation, Padmasambhava runs off a list of people he believes to be reincarnated souls, and on this list he includes The Doctor, saying how when they first met, circa 1630, he looked quite different to The Doctor Anne knows. (The Abominable Snowmen)
Lethbridge-Stewart recalls meeting the Intelligence in the London Underground, (The Web of Fear) and New York. (Times Squared) He also knows that the Intelligence will meet its end in Bledoe. (The Forgotten Son)
Lethbridge-Stewart’s ribs still ache from his beating in prison. (Mind of Stone)
The General was behind the attempted kidnapping of Owain in Santorini. (Blood of Atlantis)
Owain’s memories of James include meeting Lucy Wilson and Hobo Kostinen in Bledoe. Lucy found a picture of this event in 2017. (Avatars of the Intelligence)
Gore is replaced by Martyn Townsend of C19. (The Scales of Injustice)
Padmasambhava mentions Mara, the Buddhist ‘evil one’. There is nothing in the text to suggest a connect to the Mara. (Kinda)
During the Second World War, Travers was recruited into the Home-Army Fourth Operational Corps by Toby Kinsella. (Threshold)

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