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Peter Davison (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Tim Bentinck (Nathaniel Whitlock), Rosanna Miles (Phoebe Whitlock), John Banks (Silver Crow), Francesca Hunt (Hannah Bartholemew), Hugh Fraser (Edwin Tremayne), Geoffrey Breton (Hector Tremayne)


One wouldn’t normally expect to find an extra-dimensional police box at the same time/space location either. Two aliens, named The Doctor and Nyssa, exit said box, only to find themselves pursued by a hungry lioness – for they’ve landed in the private hunting grounds of the famous explorer Nathaniel Whitlock, who’s brought together a motley group of friends and acquaintances for a weekend’s shooting.

But one of Whitlock’s guests isn’t all they seem. One of them wants the secrets of the Moonflesh, the mystic mineral looked after by Whitlock’s retainer, a Native American known as Silver Crow. Because the Moonflesh is reputed to have the power to call down spirits from another realm…

…and soon, the hunters will become the hunted.



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  • The Fifth Doctor claims that he has always gotten along well with both cats and dogs.
  • Silver Crow, the factotum to Nathaniel Whitlock, is a Sioux warrior.
  • Whitlock has a Zulu warrior’s shield and an Aborigine bullroarer in his possession.
  • Whitlock spent most of 1905 with the Sioux.
  • Audrey Whitlock died in December 1901.
  • Whitlock’s father made his fortune importing tea from East India.
  • Whitlock paid £150 for the gorilla on his property.
  • The Whitlocks have a William IV chaise longue.
  • The Fifth Doctor claims to have been possessed by dozens of aliens.
  • The Fifth Doctor was taught how to use a bow and arrow by Crazy Horse.
  • Nyssa tells Phoebe that she started travelling with The Doctor after the death of her father Tremas and stepmother Kassia on Traken in 1981. (The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis)
  • Whitlock’s father served in the Crimean War and fought in the Battle of Inkerman on 5 November 1854. Mollie Dawson’s uncle was killed in the same battle. (The Evil of the Daleks)
  • After the TARDIS door was left open due to a malfunctioning latch, Hannah Bartholomew stowed away and travelled with The Doctor and Nyssa to the Arrit tomb ship, becoming one of his companions in the process. (Tomb Ship)

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