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Peter Davison (The Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Mark Strickson (Turlough), Jemma Redgrave (Decider Lana Merrion), Nigel Carrington (Pik Solus), Emily Woodward (Fem/Citizen Arana), Paul Panting (Drell/Marshleader), Matthew Carter (Yan Fara)


Drawn off-course, the TARDIS passes through a CVE into a closed universe – a hugely improbable event with a tragically obvious cause. In order to escape inescapable E-Space, The Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough are forced to venture in the wilds of planet Alzarius.

But they’re not the only unwanted visitors to this strange world. A Starliner has landed, captained by Decider Merrion – but why would Merrion risk rousing the Planet that Slept, and the monsters in its marshes?

Mistfall is coming. The Marshmen are coming. But While Nyssa and Turlough find themselves caught in the open, in the hands of fanatics who model themselves on the legendary Outlers, The Doctor and Tegan discover that the supposedly secure Starliner affords them no protection from monsters both within and without…

Written by: Andrew Smith
Directed by: Ken Bentley



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  • Mistfall was the 195th Big Finish Release
  • The Doctor refers to their visit to Valderon in 3556. (Prisoners of Fate)
  • The Fourth Doctor, Romana II and K9 previously entered E-Space by mistake through a CVE. (Full Circle) The Doctor eventually returned to N-Space via the Gateway with Adric While Romana and K9 stayed behind to help the Tharils free their people. (Warriors’ Gate)
  • Nyssa refers to the Logopolitans. (Logopolis)
  • Adric programmed his calculations into the TARDIS console before he died. (Earthshock)
  • The Doctor refers to the fact that Adric was held prisoner by The Masteron Castrovalva. (Castrovalva)
  • Nyssa tells Turlough about the Alzarian spiders. (Full Circle)
  • It has been 300 years since the Starliner left Alzarius in the 32nd century. (Full Circle)
  • The Doctor describes Login a s”such a good man “. (Full Circle)
  • After Pik Solus’ planet hopper crashed on Isenfel, he was killed by Balancer Skaarsgard to maintain equilibrium. (Equilibrium)

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