The Mind Robber


The Mind RobberThe Mind Robber


Pages 144
ISBN 0-426-20286-4
Publication Date 16 April 1987


To escape a catastrophic volcanic eruption The Doctor takes the TARDIS out of space and time-and into a void he can only describe as ‘nowhere’.

But the crisis is far from over and when the time-machine’ circuits overload, the TARDIS explodes.

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe come to a dark unearthly forest. There they encounter a host of characters who seem somehow familiar: a beautiful princess with long flaxen hair, a sea traveller dressed in eighteenth-century clothes, and a white rabbit frantically consulting his pocket watch…

What is happening to the three time-travellers? What strange power guides their actions? In the Land of Fiction who can really tell?



  1. The Doctor Abhors a Vacuum
  2. The Power of Thought
  3. Boys and Girls Come Out to Play
  4. Dangerous Games
  5. Into the Labyrinth
  6. The Facts of Fiction
  7. ‘I Am the Karkus’
  8. A Meeting of Masters
  9. Lives in the Balance
  10. The Doctor Has the Last Word


  • The story contains many scenes written specially for the novel, including a firing squad test before the Unicorn charges in and several references to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland aside many others.
  • The labyrinth is presented as a hacienda from a Spanish crime novel containing Miss Haversham’s wedding cake; the cave is from Narnia; the Karkus speaks using speech bubbles.
  • Rather than escaping Dulkis following the events of The Dominators, the TARDIS. instead materialises on a volcano five seconds before it erupts.
  • The novel opens in the Land of Fiction, with the first episode of the story depicted as a flashback.
  • The Master of the Land of Fiction leaves the land in the TARDIS.
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