On the planet Tigella, the mysterious source of all power – the Dodecahedron – is failing. Zastor, the leader of the planet, decides to call on an old friend to help them. An old friend who travels the universe in a blue police box…

On the nearby dead planet of Zolfa-Thura, a rag-tag band of space raiders form an uneasy alliance with the cactus-like alien, Meglos. Their first goal is to prevent a certain Time Lord from arriving on Tigella…

On the planet Skonnos, the mysterious Nimon lives in a labyrinthine complex, prom. Aboard the TARDIS, The Doctor, Romana and K9 find themselves trapped in a Chronic Hysterisis – a time loop that keeps them captive in the same few minutes in time again, and again, and again. And double trouble awaits them on Tigella…

This story was broadcast on BBC1 between 27 September – 18 October 1980.

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