The Lives of Captain Jack

The Lives of Captain Jack
The Lives of Captain Jack

Regular Cast

John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Russell Tovey (Midshipman Alonso Frame), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), Sarah Douglas (Vortia Trear), Shvorne Marks (Silo Crook), Scott Haran (Malfi Pryn), Aaron Neil (Gorky Sax), Katy Manning (Mother Nothing), Ellie Heydon (Ginny), Jonny Green (Station Computer), Hannah Barker (Female Passenger), Conor Pelan (Male Passenger), Ellie Welch (Bay Guard), Kristy Philipps (Colby), Joe Wiltshire Smith (Pods), Sakuntala Ramanee (Maglin Shank), Kieran Bew (Krim Pollensa), Alexander Vlahos (The Stranger), Chris Allen (The Council), Christel Dee (The Council), James Goss (The Council)


1. The Year After I Died by Guy Adams

Set in the year 200, 101, on an Earth ravaged by the Daleks, Jack struggles to save humanity from its oldest enemy.

2. Wednesdays For Beginners by James Goss

Jack and Jackie Tyler must unite to rescue the Powell Estate from a force whose name Jackie can never say.

3. One Enchanted Evening by James Goss

Captain Jack and Alonso Frame have only just met. But why did The Doctor want them to be together?

4. Month 25 by Guy Adams

He’s the young starof the Time Agency, and his whole life is about to fall apart. But that’s not going to stop him winning.

Written by: James Goss, Guy Adams
Directed by: Scott Handcock



“A really great exploration of one of Doctor Who’s most memorable characters…A very worthy tribute to the Russell T. Davies era, too… If you’re a fan of either the Captain orof Russell, then this box set is an essential purchase.”Doctor Who Watch

“A work of art…classic Guy Adams. Gruesome, barbaric and sarcastic. It’s fantastic.”Gallifrey Archive

“‘The Lives of Captain Jack’ is a release positively dripping with fan-service and an absolute joy for any New Who aficionado.”Blogtor Who


The Lives of Captain Jack was a full cast audio anthology released in June 2017 by Big Finish Productions. It starred Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman.
Silo Crook is a reporter, who wants to do a story on the Hope Foundation, oron Captain Jack Harkness.
Vortia Trear started the Hope Foundation, and is easily recognised from her advertising boards.
Malfi Pryn’s sister is a gossip, who spreads the word about “big things” such as what boys you’ve smiled at.
The Duchess of Poons has been after a pairof blue eyes for some time. She put a request in the system for a real pair, which they remove from Malfi Pryn.
Silo has AB-negative blood.
Since The Dalek bombing of Blackcastle, the city has been uninhabitable, though there is a refugee camp nearby.
Trear Station was built from on the remains of the Game Station, several starliners and a couple of freight ships.

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