Place of Origin:


Affiliated With:

Chris Cwej



First Seen In:

A Bright White Crack

Other Appearances:

The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass
Barnyard of the Cyberons
Fountain of Youth
Judy Collins vs Christopher Cwej
In the Loop
Ring Theory
The Aftermath
Vignettes of an Uprising
Before Chris Cwej’s Trial


Larles was a Grigori from the planet Grigori.


As a youth, Larles didn’t do well in school, much like Kwol. She remained somewhat traumatised by Professor Vlarkes, one of her most callous teachers, who belittled and occasionally even hit her. (Ring Theory)


She was married to Kwol, and, together, both of them unleashed chaos matter on their home planet and on the Earth of a parallel universe. (A Bright White Crack)
Adventures with Cwej


Larles and Kwol accompanied Cwej to a crashed ship where the Superiors wanted them to find and retrieve the Gentleman. There, they also met Kady Williams, the host of the Gestalt. The group spent weeks wandering the labyrinthine interior of the ship, which the Gentleman intelligence was reshaping to keep them trapped and toy with them, with rooms based on their most painful memories. The Gentleman managed to separate Kwol from the rest for some time, but he ultimately turned out to be fine, with the Gentleman even claiming to like Kwol. Kady eventually defeated the Gentleman by tricking him into making a deal to spare Larles, Cwej and Kwol’s life, in exchange for Kady allowing him to become the host of her Gestalt. The combined wills of the minds within the Gestalt overwhelmed the Gentleman’s and destroyed him. Cwej’s group and Kady then parted ways. (Ring Theory)

Following Kwol’s death, Larles became an agent for the Superiors. At some point she trained Christina Cwej, and later attacked her former student and her girlfriend Frey when they located Chris Cwej. (Rebel Rebel)


Larles had a phobia of squirrels, which she found embarrassing, keeping it a secret even from Kwol. (Ring Theory)

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